A friendship between cities

There are many Cities in Europe named “Neustadt” or “Nové Mésto”. The consortium is one of the largest twinning associations in Europe and comprises 36 cities, municipalities and suburbs named “Neustadt” in seven Central European countries, of which 27 are located in Germany, two in Austria, one in Hungary, three in the Czech Republic, one in Poland, one in the Netherlands and one in the Slovak Republic.

"Neustadt in Europe" would like to contribute to Forming of friendships beyond city and national borders. In addition, it should support local bars and restaurants as well as shops in “Neustadt”. The consortium is the largest international municipal advertising association within the tourist industry with a “Mutual Advertising” strategy. The Neustadt Meet-up has taken place annually since 1979.

The fire brigades have also joined to form a working group and hold regular meetings. For more information go to the homepage of the working group at http://www.neustadt-europa.de

The coordinating committee:

The "Coordinating Committee" of the consortium convenes once a year, the mayors of all of the Neustadt cities also meet each year at the annual Neustadt Meet-up. The consortium office is run by the Tourist Information of the City of Neustadt an der Weinstraße.


Since 2012, Petra Bieber from Bad Neustadt has been chairperson of the consortium. Hans Schreyegg from Neustadt an der Waldnaab was her predecessor for 30 years (1982-2012).