Neustadt meeting 2023 in Neustadt an der Donau

750 years of city rights - this will be celebrated in Neustadt an der Donau next year. In 1273, Duke Ludwig II of Bavaria granted the then “Säligenstadt town charter”. Today, Neustadt an der Donau is the third largest town in the district of Kelheim in the heart of Bavaria and at the same time economically strong and worth living in.

The original settlement, which in the course of time became Neustadt an der Donau, was already established in the 6th/7th century. After the town was granted town rights as Säligenstadt on 11 May 1273, it was mentioned shortly afterwards as the "new town" of Neustadt. Even today, many things in Neustadt an der Donau are reminders of the town's long history: from the town rampart, which still largely surrounds the town, to the late Gothic town hall and St. Anna's Chapel, built in 1815. In the meantime, Neustadt an der Donau has also become an industrial location with numerous jobs, a popular tourist destination with the Bad Gögging district, and a modern town with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

That's why Neustadt an der Donau has a lot to offer in 2023: The town's anniversary will be celebrated throughout the year with activities and events in the fields of art, culture and history. The highlight will be the traditional town festival with the International Meeting of Neustadts in Europe from 7 to 9 July 2023: Then the Neustadt residents from Neustadt an der Donau will celebrate together with guests from Neustadt towns from all over the German-speaking world.

Further information on the programme, events and activities can be found at Stadtjubiläum: Neustadt an der Donau (

Presentation of the Neustadt meeting

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Current news and information on the Neustadt cities

Neustadt-Glewe is celebrating the castle festival from June 2nd to 4th, 2023 - a festival for the whole family. A journey back in time to earlier medieval life. Children in particular are invited to try out medieval handicrafts.

750 years of Neustadt an der Donau: From 7 to 9 July 2023, the town festival will be celebrated with the international Neustadt meeting.

Unfortunately, there will be no Neustadt meeting this year either. The Corona crisis is forcing those responsible from Neustadt Harz to decide to cancel the festival without replacement.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Neustadt meeting from 25 to 27 June in Neustadt in Holstein had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, those responsible did not want to let the date pass by without a word and have come up with a nice alternative and together have packed North German greeting packages and made an atmospheric video.

Since 1979, Europe-wide Neustadts have been cultivating a fine tradition: the Neustadt meeting, which brings together around 1000 Neustadters every year. To enable an exchange throughout the year, Neustadt in Holstein has come up with something: the Neustadt pen pal.

Newest member of the town twinning is the city “Cristian-Neustadt in Burzenland”. The now southernmost town of the joint venture is located in Transylvania in Romania.

Unfortunately, the planned Neustadt meeting 2020 in Neustadt an der Aisch from July 3 to 5 had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic.

An article about the declared goal of the government to create “equality in living conditions” between the former eastern and western German states was published on March 9 in the Welt newspaper.

From 28 to 30 June 2019 the big family of Neustadt cities met for the third time, after 1979 and 1999, in Bad Neustadt an der Saale and celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Neustadt movement.